By virtue of the powers vested in me by Act No. 10, I, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, do hereby order:

1. The Appropriation Order covering the organization of the Government of the Re public of the Philippines, except the National Assembly, segregates the personnel of each Ministry, Bureau or Office under a principal and a supplemental service plantilla, the former covering what is presently considered the minimum requirements of the service in each of such units, and the latter the positions which the various ministries, bureaus and offices have determined, can be dispensed with without detriment to efficiency.

2. Subject to approval by the corresponding Ministers, the reappointments of personnel, as contemplated under the provisions of Executive Order No. 28, holding positions listed in the principal service plantilla will be made individually in the case of those who will be assigned to newly created positions or whose appointments will involve a change in salary, and in one list which will be made upon a form to be furnished by the Commissioner of Civil Service in the case of those to be reappointed without change of salary.

3. After it shall have been determined that in the interest of the service an officer or employee holding a position listed in the principal service plantilla should be extended an appointment the same as that for employees holding positions listed in the supplemental service plantilla, either upon his own solicitation or at the initiative of the office, the name of such officer or employee shall be included in the list mentioned in paragraphs 4 and 6 of this Order. In such case, his appointment shall automatically expire on December 31, he 1944.

4. The reappointments of the personnel listed in the supplemental service plantilla shall be made in a separate list from that for personnel listed in the principal service plantilla, likewise upon a form to be furnished by the Commissioner of Civil Service. As in paragraph 2 these reappointments shall be subject to approval by the corresponding Ministers.

5. Each Minister shall take steps to assign immediately all personnel occupying position in the supplemental service plantilla, as w as those in the principal service plantilla whose services in Manila can be dispensed with, to the branches or offices, if any, in the province of his ministry or of the bureaus, offices, and instrumentalities under his jurisdiction, where the services of such personnel may be utilized to advantage. The place to which such employees shall be assigned shall thereafter and during their tenure of office be consider their new headquarters.

6. Each Minister shall submit to the President as soon as possible a list of all personnel in his ministry and in the bureaus, offices and instrumentalities under his jurisdiction occupying positions in the supplemental service plantilla as well as those occupying positions in the principal service plantilla whose services in Manila can be dispensed with, who are not needed in branches or offices in the provinces of the same ministry or of the bureaus, offices, and instrumentalities under it, and whose services until their separation from the service will consequently have to be used elsewhere. The list should include suggestions or recommendations as to the kind of assignment in the provinces that should be given to each of the employees in the list taking into consideration their special qualifications and aptitudes. For this purpose, the following data, in tabulated form, shall be given:

(a) The name of the employee concerned;

(b) Provincial address;

(c) Names of the members of his family, their relationship to him, ages, sexes and civil status;

(d) The kind of work in the provinces which their natural aptitudes would fit them to do;

(e) Their present position under Act No. 20 as well as under the reorganized plantilla, principal or supplemental;

(f) Their present salaries;

(g) The work for which each one is to be individually assigned;

(h) A separate column to be headed “Remarks,” shall be left unfilled.

7. When the assignments to the provinces shall have been approved, the corresponding ministries, bureaus and offices shall take immediate steps to release for the purpose the personnel involved. The expenses of travel from Manila to the places of assignment of all such employees, including those of the immediate and bona fide members of their respective families below 21 years of age, not to exceed in any case a total of ₱300, are hereby authorized as on official business, chargeable against the corresponding appropriations of the offices to which said employees pertain. For this purpose an advance; of not more than ₱300 may be given to each employee to cover the reasonable and necessary transportation expenses for himself and the members of his family. No bond for the amount so advanced shall be required, but l upon reaching his destination each employee shall submit a reimbursement voucher to cover the transportation expenses actually incurred by him, and in case he fails to submit such voucher his salary for subsequent months shall be withheld and applied to the advance.

8. Upon arrival at their destination, all such employees shall, unless orders to the contrary shall have been given, be paid their salaries at the end of each month by the municipal treasurers of the municipalities wherein they are assigned upon presentation of proper credentials and certification of the rendition of service by the officer in the province or municipality to whom they shall be attached in accordance with their assignment. All advances made by municipal treasurers for this purpose shall be liquidated against the National Disbursing Funds held by the corresponding provincial treasurer. Authorized traveling expenses incurred after arrival at place of assignment shall be borne by the ministry, office, or instrumentality to which such employees are assigned.

Done in the City of Manila, this 7th day of March, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-four, and of the Republic of the Philippines, the first.

President of the Republic of the Philippines

By the President:

Executive Secretary

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library