Remarks of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, on the occasion of the oath-taking of Hon. Emiliano Tirona, and Hon. Ramon Macasaet as Minister and Vice-Minister, respectively, of Health, Labor, and Public Welfare on January 12, 1944.


Through the gracious approval of the National Assembly, we have been permitted to create two additional ministries; the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Public Welfare. I am happy that on this occasion I shall be able to administer the oath of loyalty to our Constitution and to the Government existing thereunder in the presence of friends and admirers, I hope, of this Government and of the gentlemen who are here with us. In the political, judicial, as well as in the professional line, Minister Tirana’s brilliant record is known very well by our people, as in these fields he occupies a place not only of distinction but of great honor. One of the towering figures of Filipino participation in the past, Minister Tirona is now being summoned to participate in the administration of the affairs of our own Government under the Republic.

I am also announcing that I have selected as Vice-Minister of Health, Labor, and Public Welfare a physician, a man of honorable career and of humble origin, Dr. Ramon Macasaet, who is going to help Minister Tirona in the administration of the affairs of that Ministry. I shall now proceed with the administration of the oath to Minister Tirona.

(Minister Tirona and then Vice-Minister Macasaet then took their oath of office.)

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library