Speech of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, at a luncheon tendered in honor of woman leaders, Manila, January 25, 1944.


I am giving this humble luncheon in honor of the ladies of the Philippines who represent the different women’s organizations, not only because we feel and we know that not much can be done by men alone in the more intimate family circle, in the social field, or in the political field, but also because the Philippines, in order to be integrated and strengthened, must count with the support, collaboration, and I dare say, with the inspiration of our women. I have, therefore, invited the Ministers of State so that once again they may, with the President, pay their respects to the women of the Philippines, place themselves at their feet and receive the inspiration which come only from the tender affections of women, an inspiration which will make us work harder and still harder so that we may achieve what the new Republic desires to achieve—the unity of all Filipinos, which unity, I am sure, will be hastened and made easier in its realization with your cooperation which has always been unselfish. However humble may be this little token of affection of the President and the members of the Cabinet, including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who is here present, and the other gentlemen who are here together with the Ministers of State, may I welcome you, ladies, whom we respect and whose cooperation is so vital and so essential to the great task which is being undertaken by our common country, the Philippines.

I thank you.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library