Remarks of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, on the occasion of the induction into office of General Jose de los Reyes as Governor of Bulacan, Manila, June 16, 1944.


It is not necessary, I know, for me to speak on this occasion. Just the same, however, I feel I ought to make a few remarks, in order that General [Jose] de los Reyes and you other gentlemen present here today may be able to explain to our countrymen in Bulacan the aims of our Government.

These are the restoration of peace and order and the intensification of the food production campaign. We of this generation may not be able to make our country great and powerful, but we should at least try to make it self-sufficient. It is our duty to tide the country over to better times, to give those who will come after us a chance to establish a Republic that is real—a Government of Filipinos and for Filipinos, without any interference on the part of any foreign power.

And that is precisely why I have appointed General De los Reyes Governor of Bulacan. It is not because I wish to minimize the services of Governor Pabalan and of Governor Rustia. The past achievements, the honesty, the ability, and the integrity of these two gentlemen are beyond question. But I feel that General De los Reyes, because of his wide experience, is in a better position to carry out this two-fold program of the Government. He will thus be able to help, not only the Province of Bulacan, but also the entire country.

I am thankful to General De los Reyes for his willingness to serve as Governor of Bulacan. I am glad that he has not tried to shirk his duty as a citizen of the Republic. And you, gentlemen, who are the leading figures in the Province of Bulacan, will, I hope, cooperate with General De los Reyes, in order that he may succeed in his administration, in order that he may restore peace and order in that province, in order that lie may bring about the unity of our people, in order that he may help insure the perpetuity of our Republic!

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library