Remarks of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, on the occasion of the induction into office of the additional members of the Council of Scientists at Malacañan on June 22, 1944.


I am very happy to be able to administer your oath of office this morning. Sometime ago, I administered the oath to the members of our Council of Scientists. I understand that the scientists are proceeding in their work with earnestness and with a certain degree of vigor; and, as I stated before; in crucial moments, in times of hardships and difficulties, the nation must fall back on science and naturally on those who are the possessors of scientific knowledge.

I am happy also to administer the oath to Dr. Ramon Macasaet and to Dr. Del Mundo; and I am happy to meet Drs. Cristobal Manalang and Candido M. Africa, whom we sent as representatives to the Medical Conference in China, as well as the successor of Dr. Roxas in our Bureau of Fisheries.

I hope that with your interest and cooperation and your concern for the welfare of our people, you will behave as scientists—overlooking material gain, devoting your lives time, and energy to the work of science, and thereby discover the much needed remedies for the sufferings of the great masses of our population.

With these remarks, I want to congratulate you for your cooperation and unselfishness in helping our Government in this great task of survival.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library