Remarks of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, on the occasion of the induction into office of Brigadier General Alberto Ramos, as Acting Director of the Bureau of Investigation and of Mr. Manuel Gonzales as Acting Assistant Director of the same Bureau, Manila, June 30, 1944.


I am very happy to administer the oath to the Acting Director and to the Acting Assistant Director of the Bureau of Investigation. The Bureau of Investigation has been created not as an instrument of oppression. Rather is it an instrument formed particularly in relation to the proper conduct of our public officials; and, in coordination with the Bureau of Constabulary in the maintenance of peace and order, it is an instrumentality of this Administration to establish here a government that will serve the supreme and paramount interests of the people.

I must admit, although I am sad to do so that the moral fibre of our people is weak. It has not been prepared for this emergency and that accounts perhaps for the dishonesty of so many people both in and outside of the government service. It accounts also for the depressed morale of the entire population.

In these days of difficulties, the Filipino people must be ready to suffer not only these but also graver difficulties. And in the midst of these difficulties, it is my duty to lead our people to the final goal of complete and absolute freedom, a Republic of Filipinos, by Filipinos, and for Filipinos alone and exclusively.

The Bureau of Investigation is being created to help the Government establish here an upright, clean, and honest Government. It is not created for the purpose of making it difficult for the people to live but for the purpose of helping those in the service in the performance of their duties. It has certainly a great deal to do with the rounding up of the enemies of the Republic, because this Republic must live and must survive not only for me and for you, but also for our children and the children of our children so that they may enjoy the blessings of true liberty which is the fruit of the sacrifice of our great men in the past and the result of the efforts of those of us who are doing their best to help this Republic.

I congratulate you, gentlemen, and look forward to the establishment of a new instrumentality that will be of great help in bringing about the desired results.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library