Letter of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel. President of the Republic of the Philippines, to General Jose de los Reyes, Chairman of the Amnesty Board, thanking him for his splendid work in connection with the Amnesty Week, held from January 19 to 25. Identical letters were written by the President to Generals Juan Cailles and Mateo Capinpin, both members of the Board.

January 26, 1944

My dear General DE LOS REYES:

I thank you for your splendid work in connection with the recent Amnesty week campaign. The results obtained are certainly flattering—far beyond my expectations. I know that much of what was accomplished was accomplished through the increasing and painstaking efforts of the Amnesty Board. Without your active cooperation the campaign would not have been so successful.

That in spite of physical handicaps, the Board was able to push the drive to such a conclusion in Luzon without regard to the personal welfare of the members, shows that you all have the interests of your country at heart. You kpow, of course, that amnesty has not expired in the visoyas and Mindanao because the period ot 60 days has to be computed from the date of receipt of the proclamation in the different cities and municipalities of those regions. worthy of special commendation arc General Juan Cailles and General capinpin who, like you, spurning the hardships of travel and the dirnculties of transportation, continued going from one remote place to another to contact guerrilla bands and make them see the true light—tbe reality ot the amnesty and the reality ot the independence of their country.

As a hero and distinguished general of the Philipp inn? Revolution, General cailles could well have exc uused himself from his dangerous and exhausting assignment. That he did not do so speaks well for his courage and his patriotism. As much can be said of General Capinpin who, I understand, forgot his ailm mett contracted in Bataan in order to persuade guerrilleros to come down and join hands with the young Republie with a view to reconstructing the Philippines and restoring complete peace and order for the wel- fare, benefit and happiness of all the Filipino people.

You three may rest assured that not only I but the country and the Government as well appreciate your good work.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library