Statement of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines on Navy Day, Manila, May 27, 1944:

Navy Day this year reminds the Japanese people of the 39th anniversary of the historic victory of the Imperial Navy in the Battle of Japan Sea over a foe vastly superior in material strength. In perspective, the event was a sober proclamation of Oriental impatience with Occidental imposition, marking a definite resolve for ultimate liberation and the achievement of moral and material justice among all peoples and races.

In this sense the victory of Admiral Togo in 1905 has become a common Oriental inheritance transcending purely Japanese frontiers. In this sense the front-line sacrifice of Fleet-Admiral Yamamoto in 1943, aside from strictly adhering to the dearest tradition of the Imperial Navy dating from that great victory, was a gallant offering in character to Oriental freedom and self-respect. In the same sense the valor and death of Fleet-Admiral Koga in action this year in the South Pacific constitute an epic vindication not only of the caliber of the leadership and men produced by the Imperial Japanese Navy but of the invincible faith which a leader nation has fired in all Orientals in the attainment of a worthy place and life under the sun.

It is a moving commentary on the Imperial Navy that for every hand struck down by fate, a thousand others stand ready to hold up the standard with multiplied dash, competence and valor and to push the cause forward to ultimate victory.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library