Radio speech of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, on Tentyo-setu over Station PIAM, Manila, April 29, 1944:

The Republic and people of the Philippine join with the 100,000,000 subjects of the Japanese Empire in celebrating the 43rd birthday of His Majesty the Emperor. To Filipinos no occasion can be more impressive and significant of the propulsive genius behind the might, solidarity and achievement which are the Japanese Empire today.

Tentyo-setu provides the occasion for the great Japanese people to pause and pay homage to those August Virtues made flesh in a living dynamic symbol. It reminds them of the eternal inspiration of those fundamentals that have made what the Empire is today: continuity of traditions, reverence for the ruler and faith in a national or racial mission.

No nation can be great unless its roots are planted deep in the past and are nourished by values there, unless it has ideals in the present that are kept alive by values there, and unless it has hopes for the future that are sustained by values past, present and future. A people must preserve, as in amber, the pristine virtues of its national soul if it is to endure and, in God’s appointed time, play a significant role in the association of mankind.

Devotion to the Emperor, in the words of an Indian scholar, “is the rock of the Japanese nation.” It is a living rock whose invincible virtues now constitutes the very refuge and security of the liberated millions of East Asia today.

In this light we can clearly understand the magnitude and magnificence of the homage which His Majesty the Emperor, on the occasion of his 43rd birthday anniversary, as living representative of the oldest unbroken imperial line in the history of the world, receives from his subjects and from all brother Orientals now freely sharing the gifts of freedom and self-respect—gifts which come of the glorious exercise of his Exalted Virtues.

We of the Philippines are confident that the solicitude which His Majesty has always shown with respect to the welfare of our people will find increasing beneficent expression with the years. We are confident that, as we march on shoulder to shoulder with our brother Orientals in the building of a New Order of moral justice, the meaning of the Imperial saying that the aim of Imperial rule is to enable all peoples to find and secure for themselves their respective proper places in the world will find increasing fulfillment in accordance with those ethical principles on which the Imperial Throne is eternally founded.

We take this occasion humbly to offer our sincerest felicitations and our best wishes for the continued good health of His Imperial Majesty. It is our earnest prayer that the faith which his August Virtues have inspired n the Filipinos and in all the peoples of East Asia, who are all looking forward to a happier and more abundant life in freedom from alien dictation will be always sustained; and that their exalted hopes of justice and national fulfillment will never lack for adequate vindication now or ever under the Empire’s courageous and honest leadership.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library