Instruction No. 2


February 19, 1942


Commissioner of the Department of Education, Health and Public Welfare of the Philippines, Manila.

Concerning the reopening of schools in the Philippines, the following rules shall be complied with and all necessary preparations shall be made as soon as possible in accordance therewith.

(1) Prior to the reopening of schools, the new educational principles which the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Forces in the Philippines instructed to the Chairman of the Executive Commission shall be fully understood by the principals, teachers and other school authorities concerned, who shall pledge themselves to strictly observe the said principles.

(2) Students and pupils shall be taught in accordance with the spirit of the above-mentioned principles throughout the courses of instruction.

(3) New textbooks shall be compiled in near future, in order to meet with the changed circumstances but for the time being the old ones shall be permitted for the purpose of instruction after improper and unsuitable parts of them being eliminated by the Textbook Examining Committee, consisting’ of Japanese and Filipino experts.

(4) Permission for reopening schools shall be given in conformity with the following order:

(a) Reopening shall be started with the elementary grade and be gradually extended to the higher:

(b) Among higher grade institutions, normal t schools, and those of natural sciences, that is agriculture, fisheries, medicine, engineering, etc., shall be reopened first.

(c) Government and public schools shall be reopened earlier than private schools.

(d) Schools, administered or owned by the Chinese or any other hostile nationals shall not be reopened until further instructions. Proper consideration shall be rendered to the transfer of the students and pupils of these schools to others.

(5) When any school be reopened or permitted to be reopened the report of all particulars shall be submitted to the Chief of the Japanese Military Administration.

Director-General of the Japanese
Military Administration

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library