To all the Authorities and the People of the Commonwealth of the Philippines:

(1) As the result of the Japanese military operations, the sovereignty of the U. S. A. over the Philippines has completely disappeared and the Army hereby proclaims the Military Administration under the martial law over the districts occupied by the Army.

(2) The purpose of the Japanese expedition is nothing but emancipating you from the oppressive domination of the U. S. A., letting you to establish “the Philippines for the Filipinos” as a member of the Co-Prosperity Sphere in the Greater East Asia and making you enjoy your own prosperity and culture.

(3) The Authorities and the people of the Commonwealth should sever the relations with the U. S. A. and trust the just and fair administration of the Army, obeying faithfully all its commands, cooperating voluntarily with it in its stationing and activities here and supplying military supplies when asked.

(4) So far as the Military Administration permits, all the laws, both executive and judicial institutions now in force in the Commonwealth shall continue to be effective, for the time being, as in the past. Therefore all the public officials shall remain in the present posts and carry on faithfully the duties as before.

(5) The Army recognizes the freedom of your religion and residence and has a regard for your usual customs, so far as the Military Administration permits. Accordingly, all the people in the Commonwealth are requested to comprehend the real intentions of the Army and never be deceived by propagandas of the U. S. A. and Great Britain, and you should never disturb public peace in any way, warning yourselves against rushness and refraining from spreading fabulous, wild rumors. Their actions shall be regarded as hostile operations and offenders shall be severely punished, the gravest among them shall be put to death, according to martial law.


January 3, 1942.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library