Statement issued by His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, Resident of the Republic of the Philippines, following the ratification of the Pact of Alliance between the Philippines and the Empire of Japan, October 20, 1943:

A pact of amity and unilateral defensive alliance between the Philippines and Japan signed by the plenipotentiaries of the two countries, was submitted to the National Assembly as required by the Constitution and Wined by this body on October 18, 1943.

The pact, after stating that the parties will maintain perpetual relations of good neighbor and friend on the basis of mutual respect of sovereignty and territories, provides that they shall closely cooperate in political, economic and military matters. The military cooperation is subject to the condition that the Philippines and Japan will closely cooperate with each other to safeguard the territorial integrity and the independence of the Philippines.

The pact does not envisage a declaration of war by the Philippines against any foreign nation. No Filipino soldier will be called upon to render military service outside the limits of Philippine territory, or to fight except only for defense purposes, that is, in case of invasion which threatens the independence and territorial integrity of the country. Consequently, while the Philippines and Japan will cooperate, as they have been cooperating heretofore, on political and economic matters, military cooperation between the two countries will take place, under the terms of the pact, only if and when such military cooperation becomes necessary for the defense of the territorial integrity and independence of the Philippines. Thus although the pact constitutes an alliance, the military aspect thereof is essentially defensive and unilateral in character in favor of the Philippines, in that only the defense of the Philippines is contemplated.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library