Message of His Excellency, President Jose P. Laurel, to the graduating class of the Naval Technical Training School of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Cavite October 30, 1943:

I regret that because of pressure of official business I cannot attend your graduation ceremonies to which Commander Morimoto, your dean, has cordially invited me.

It is quite significant that you are graduating shortly after the attainment of our independence and the establishment of the Philippine Republic. I can imagine how happy and proud you can be. Our own flag which is the symbol of our ideals, our hopes, and our faith now flies once more over our native land and the domination and oppression which our people have suffered for centuries have come to an end.

You were fortunate to have been admitted into this Technical School. Under the guidance of able men of the Imperial Japanese Navy you have acquired, not only a new skill, but a new perspective, I want you to be grateful for this training you have just completed and to prove that gratitude by serving faithfully and well wherever you may be sent.

As graduates of this school, you are fully prepared to do your part physically, intellectually, and morally in our common task of building a new nation within the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere. I congratulate you heartily on your graduation and I trust that each of you will strive hard to bring honor to the Republic and glory to the Flag.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library