Pursuant to the authority conferred upon me as Head of the Central Administrative Organization by Order No. 1 of the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Forces in the Philippines, and upon the recommendation of the Commissioner of Public Works and Communications, the following-rules and regulations governing the operation of the Central Garage are hereby prescribed:

1. All government cars held or operated by the different bureaus and offices, with the exception of ambulances of hospitals, mail trucks of the Bureau of Comunications, motorcycles and such other motor vehicles as may be exempted by the Chairman of the Executive Commission, shall be turned over to the Central Garage for operation in accordance with the provisions of this Order.

2. Hereafter, any government bureau or office desiring motor transportation for official purposes may requisition cars from the Central Garage on rental basis in accordance with such schedule of rates as may from time to time be prescribed by the Commissioner of Public Works and Communications and approved by the Chairman of the Executive Commission.

3. One automobile shall be assigned on monthly rental basis to each department for its office use and that of the bureaus and offices under it and may be kept in a garage of the department concerned or of any bureau or office under it, if by doing so it would be more economical than keeping the car in the Central Garage when not in use: Provided, That any government bureau or office whose functions require continuous use of one or more motor vehicles may, in the interest and for the efficiency of the service, make proper representations to the Director of Transportation who shall look into each case and submit appropriate recommendation to the authorities concerned for the permanent assignment thereto of the necessary number of cars on the monthly rental basis: Provided, further, That no motor vehicle shall be permanently assigned to any bureau or office on monthly rental oasis without the previous authority of the Chairman of the Executive Commission.

4. Except motor vehicles rented on the monthly rental basis as hereinabove provided, cars, trucks, jitneys shall be furnished for use of bureaus and offices on a per-hour or daily rental basis upon request of the bureaus or offices concerned and as necessity therefor arises.

5. The Central Garage shall operate on such appropriation as may be specifically granted for the purpose. In case of deficit in the appropriation due to unforeseen increase in its activities, the deficit shall be covered either from collections made in excess of the estimated income of the Central Garage as shown in the Budget, or from such additional allotments as may be secured for the purpose.

6. It shall be the policy of the Central Garage to operate only small (light) cars in order to minimize its operating expenses and to keep adequately in storage the big cars the operation of which will be costly to the Commission, and thus exercise the strictest economy in its operation.

7. Subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Public Works and Communications, the Director of Transportation shall issue such rules, regulations or instructions as he may deem necessary with a view to a more efficient and economical operation of the Central Garage and to carry out more effectively the provisions of this Order.

Done in the City of Greater Manila, Philippines, this 6th day of May, 1942.

Chairman of the Executive Commission

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library