Appeal of Acting Director General of the Kalibapi Camilo Osias, to all public-spirited organizations and citizens to contribute to the year-end relief drive of the “Manila Sinbun-sya,” November 20, 1943:

The widespread existence of suffering and misery in the City of Manila and elsewhere is well-known. The recent flood has aggravated the situation of the poor and the needy. The Kalibapi, therefore, in cooperation with the Manila Sinbun-sya has created a Women’s Coordinating Committee to sponsor the year-end relief drive to bring Christmas cheer and effective aid to the orphanages, hospitals, convalescent homes, to war widows and orphans, and other needy people in the different neighborhoods under the Kalibapi Women’s Auxiliary Service.

The Committee created is temporarily headed by Mrs. Avelina L. Osias and Mrs. Carmen A. Luz. I call upon the Women’s Auxiliaries, the offices of the Bureau of Public Welfare and the Bureau of Health and other government f offices concerned, and all civic-spirited organizations and individuals immediately to join t hands with the Women’s Coordinating Committee and the Manila Sinbun-sya in their joint drive for funds.

The need is imperative and immediate response is necessary. This is no time for unnecessary meetings, discussions, dilly-dallying or delaying; these are times for action. Government offices, business firms, organizations, and all civic-spirited individuals should send their contributions directly to the Manila Sinbun-sya. The goal is ₱100.000. Let funds be forthcoming and let our humanitarian sentiments express themselves in the form of substantial contributions.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library