Message of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, on the occasion of the establishment of the Tokyo Shimbunsha, November 24, 1943:

I am very glad to learn that the establishment of the Tokyo Shimbunsha, as a result of the merger last year of the Miyako Shimbunsha and the Kokunim Shimbunsha, has been officially sanctioned.

In this stage of the development of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, a heavy responsibility rests on the Japanese press. It is charged with the tremendous duty, not only of giving correct information to the people of Japan, but of forming sound public opinion throughout the Co-Prosperity Sphere. With the official sanction of the establishment of the Tokyo Shimbunsha, the Japanese press is in a position to fulfill its mission with greater dispatch and efficiency.

I heartily congratulate all the members of the staff of the Tokyo Shimbunsha and wish them complete success in their united efforts to promote the noble ideals that inspired the Greater East Asia War and in cementing further the amity and understanding among the nations in East Asia.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library