Message of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, on the occasion of the Kalibapi Radio Program, December 7, 1943:

On the eve of the second anniversary of the Greater East Asia War it is natural that we should recall the circumstances that compelled Japan to wage this war of emancipation and self-defense and the benefits that her victories have showered on the oppressed peoples of East Asia.

The sad story of oppression and exploitation by the Occidental powers of the weak peoples of Asia and the unfair and unjust treatment Japan had been receiving from these powers, particularly from England and America, are too well known to be repeated on this occasion. We know that months before the outbreak of the Greater East Asia War Japan did all she could to persuade America to help preserve the peace of the Pacific and East Asia, but seeing that America was maintaining an attitude that was both indifferent and unfriendly and was continually plotting with other powers to strangulate Japan commercially, Japan had no other course but to wage the Greater East Asia War.

The immediate benefits brought about by the overwhelming victories of Japan during these two years can be readily seen in the emancipation of the oppressed countries in East Asia and the speedy establishment of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

If it had not been for the unflinching determination of Japan to assert herself in defense of her own existence and integrity and in defense of the rights of the weaker nations in East Asia, we would have to wait until July 4, 1946, for our freedom and independence or, if circumstances proved unfavorable, we would never perhaps attain the status of a free and independent nation that we are today.

We must, therefore, on this day acknowledge our debt of gratitude to Japan and reiterate our pledge to cooperate with her in the fulfillment of her noble mission in East Asia so that the peoples of East Asia may forever live in harmony and peace and share prosperity and happiness with one another.

Our primordial duty at this time is to unite as a people and dedicate our total national strength to the building of a republic capable of fulfilling its obligations as a member of the federation of East Asiatic nations. This presupposes hard work,—hard work at home, hard work on the farms, and hard work in the factories; and many untold sacrifices,—in the preservation of peace and order and in the performance of other public duties. But whatever hard work we may have to endure and whatever sacrifices we may have to make would be only insignificant compared to the blessings that our country and people would enjoy in the years to come.

As we participate today in the celebration of the second anniversary of the Greater East Asia War, let us resolve once again to make the ensuing year, a year of productive activity and continued progress, not only for our Republic, but for the other countries of East Asia.

In conclusion, I wish to compliment the Kalibapi on the constructive work it has accomplished since it was founded about a year ago and to enjoin all true Filipinos to cooperate earnestly with this patriotic organization which is dedicated to the building of a republic that can be a power in the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library