November 20, 1942

The American air and naval units operating in the Southern Pacific have been completely annihilated as the result of the decisive encounters that have just taken place in that area.

In the Philippines, after the fall of Corregidor, the Imperial Japanese Forces have been resolutely applying themselves to the task of reconstruction and rehabilitation, while at the same time consistently eliminating the feeble and futile attempts of the United States to create internal disturbances and popular unrest.

Recently, in Luzon and Mindanao, the unruly elements have finally come to see through the subtlety and hypocrisy of the Americans and their pernicious propaganda, and realizing the true and honorable intentions of the Japanese Empire, they are surrendering en masse to the military authorities by whom they are being treated with magnanimity and kindness in strict accordance with the traditional spirit and expressed policy of the Imperial Japanese Forces.

It is regrettable, however, that there are still certain misguided elements in the Visayas who, duped and misled by remnants of Americans still running loose around in that region, have deserted their ancestral homes and farms, and forsaking even their families and all their loved ones, are actively spreading terror and misery among the innocent peoples, entirely unmindful of the despair they are sowing and the damage they are inflicting upon the present and future good of their own country.

The Imperial Japanese Forces have up to now exercised patience in dealing with these ignorant and misguided people, hoping that they would soon come to realize their mistake and folly and amend their ways. However, in the face of the actual damages they are causing to their innocent countrymen and out of the necessity of insuring peace and tranquility to the Filipinos in general, the Imperial Japanese Forces have come to the decision of launching general and intensive operations against these bandits and guerrillas to the end that these unruly elements may be completely wiped out.

Needless to say, those members of the guerrilla bands who surrender themselves immediately will be accorded magnanimous treatment, but those who continue to resist our forces and commit acts of depredations upon their countrymen will be ruthlessly exterminated.

The Imperial Japanese Forces regret that this drastic policy has been made necessary and that it may result in damage to property or even of many innocent lives. We also fully sympathize with the poor families of these misguided peoples upon whom miseries and anxieties are being inflicted by the folly and stubbornness of these unruly elements.

However, it must be remembered that these fortunate results are entirely due to the hypocrisy and destructive acts of these subversive element and condemnation and blame should, therefore be properly placed upon the shoulders of the Americans and their Filipino followers and adherents who alone are the responsible parties.


Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library