Instruction No. 91


October 1, 1942


Commissioner of Public Works and Communications
(Through the Honorable, the Chairman
of the Executive Commission)

You are hereby directed to take necessary steps with a view to acquainting the public, through the Provincial Governors and the City Mayors concerned, of the attached Administrative Ordinance creating’ an association of water transportation companies in the Philippines. In accordance with the previous arrangement, it is expected that one of the officials of your Department may be appointed as one of the committees to take charge of the establishment of the said association.

As regards the exact establishment of the said association, you shall be duly informed through the adviser concerned. The business office of the said association is scheduled to be located at the former Hongkong and Shanghai Bank. In regard to the branches and agencies in the provinces, you shall also be informed through the adviser as soon as the time and place of their establishment will have been determined.


Director, General Affairs Department
Japanese Military Administration

EDITOR’S NOTE.—The Ordinance referred to in Instruction No. 91 is Military Ordinance No. 15, as published above.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library