(EDITOR’S NOTE: Following is the letter of the Chairman of the Executive Commission referred to in Instruction No 104.)

MANILA, September 18, 1942

His Excellency



Reference is made to the letter of the Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce dated July 24, 1942, forwarded to the Military Administration with the letter of this office dated August 10, 1942, in which the said Commissioner made a recommendation for the extension of facilities for the import­ation of beef cattle to Manila from Masbate, Burias and other nearby islands and for the issuance of passes to cattle owners for the shipment of their tattle to Manila.

This office has received a copy of another letter of the said Commissioner dated August 11, 1942, and addressed to the Director, Department of Industries of the Military Administration, containing the following additional recommendations on the same matter: First, that, to supply the civilian population from August 16, to October 31, 1942, transportation facilities be provided for 6,500 head of cattle to arrive in Manila at the rate of 600 to ;00 head a week, the cattle to be brought in from Masbate, Burias, Ticao and Mindoro; second, that the permits issued should specify that only mature steers and old or barren cows be shipped for slaughter; and third, that the slaughter of carabaos be prohibited entirely for the time being. The reason for the third recommendation is, as explained in the letter of this office dated August 10, 1942, to prevent the possible shortage of work animals.

In order to carry out the third recommendation, I propose to issue an executive order prohibiting the slaughter of carabaos for the time being. In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 5 of your Order No. 1 in connection with your Order No. 3, I respectfully request approval of this order, a signed copy of which is enclosed.


Chairman of the Executive Commission

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library