NO. 1

The general public is requested to take note of the following important pointers for their information and guidance:

1. Bow to the sentry on duty.—It is a beautiful native custom of Filipinos and other Oriental peoples to give due respect to constituted authorities, their elders, or their superiors. The sentry constituted authority representing either the Army or the Navy which protects the people. Do not fail to bow to the sentry on duty. Remove your hat and if you have a cigar or a cigarette in your mouth, remove it also, before you bow to him.

2. Observe the curfew.—The curfew is a sound police measure. It is intended to insure tranquillity of sleeping hours and as a precaution to maintain peace and order during times of emergency. Be sure to observe it. Curfew in Manila starts at 12 midnight and lasts until 6 in the morning. Do not go out into the streets during curfew, but if you must, as in cases of emergency, carry a lighted lamp with you to be sure that you are not taken for a suspicious character.

3. Carry your residence, tax certificate.It is a good rule to have always in one’s possession certain identification papers which are often necessary in official as well as in private transactions. Yon should therefore have with you your residence tax certificate at all times. You can never tell when an emergency may arise and it may become necessary to identify yourself as a peaceful citizen.

4. Avoid speaking or talking about the war Every citizen should help maintain peace and order. The spreading of false rumors cannot help in the upbuilding of the Philippines. In fact, it is a crime calling for severe penalties because it seeks to deceive the public and to prejudice public interest. Avoid speaking or talking about the war, and do not be led into spreading any rumor or news which has anything to do with the war efforts of the combatants in the war.

5. Watch for Military orders, etc—Every order of the Japanese Military Administration affecting the people is issued in the best interests of the people. Read all the posters of the Japanese Military Administration as well as the daily papers, so that you may be well informed of the new orders, rules and regulations that are issued from time to time. A well informed citizen avoids misunderstanding. On the other hand, ignorance of the law excuses no one.

6. Help build the New Philippines.The Japanese Military Administration has the welfare of the Filipino people at heart. As a good Filipino, you should do everything to make the new Philippines what it ought to be—a worthy Member of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.


September 21, 1942

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library