Instruction No. 123


December 11, 1942

In reply to the demand for an increase in the production of copra, which is one of the most important Filipino products and the direct means of livelihood to a large industrial population, it has been decided to allocate in accordance with the following plan, personnel to copra producing regions for the express purpose of increasing copra production.

This measure is proposed for increasing the income of copra workers and the unemployed masses in general and, later, if expedient, the scope of the plan shall be enlarged in correlation with food production and other industries.

You are, therefore, instructed to act accordingly, and by giving due encouragement and guidance to the provinces and municipalities concerned to ensure, to the best of your ability, the successful execution of this measure.

You are, furthermore, instructed to expressly regard this step as an integral portion of the practical activities of the KALIBAPI.


1. Approximately 20 municipalities in the regions surrounding San Pablo, Lucena, and Siain shall, for the present, be designated as copra producing municipalities and an average increase of 400 tons per day per municipality shall be projected. On the results obtained shall depend the designation of additional municipalities. Each designated municipality shall be required to organize a Copra Production Cooperative Society to which special personnel shall be assigned in order to obtain fruitful results.

2. The number of copra production personnel to be assigned to each municipality may vary with the circumstances, but in general the allocations shall be made on the basis of 40 men to each municipality.

3. The selection and employment of the copra production personnel shall be done by the Philippine Executive Commission under the direction of the Japanese Military Administration. The Department of the Interior of the Japanese Military Administration shall be in charge, the Department of Industries collaborating.

4. The Philippine Executive Commission shall issue to the provinces, cities, and municipalities designated by the Japanese Military Administration the necessary orders and instructions regarding the conveniences to be accorded to the copra production personnel and shall ensure, by proper confirmatory measures concerning the actual nature of this plan, the checking of all misunderstanding among the copra producing population.

The Philippine Executive Commission shall further undertake to prevent any anxiety concerning the relationship between the landowners and tenants of the designated municipalities.

5. Appropriate wages shall be paid out to the copra production personnel.

6. The expenses incurred in dispatching and allocating the copra production personnel shall be defrayed by the Philippine Copra Purchasing Union.

7. The period of work by the copra production personnel shall, for the present, be one month: December, 1942.


The plan shall be put into execution for the present in twenty municipalities selected from the twenty-five listed below:

San Pablo Area.—San Pablo, Alaminos, Dolores, Tiaong, Candelaria, Calawang, Rizal, Nagcarlang, Lilio.

Lucena Area.—Lucena, Sariaya, Tayabas, Lucban, Sampaloc, Pagbilao, Malikboy.

Siain Area.—Atimonan, Siain, Padre Burgos, Gumaca.

Pagsanjan Area.—Pagsangjan, Cavinti, Luisiana, Majayjay.


Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library