Message of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, to the physicians and scientists attending the medical conference held in Manila, December 20, 1943:

I extend my most cordial greetings to the physicians and scientists attending the medical conference.

One of our most important problems in the building of an enduring republic that can be a worthy member of the Co-Prosperity Sphere is the protection and improvement of the physique and the health of our people. We must combat and eradicate all malignant diseases that threaten to make inroads into the health of the nation and see that every Filipino child has a fair chance of becoming a healthy annd vigorous citizen.

I am glad that the other countries of Greater East Asia will be represented in this conference. I am confident that, working in harmony towards a noble aim, the conferees can evolve the best ways and means of accomplishing the task entrusted to them.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library