Message of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, to the Kalibapi Women’s Coordinating Committee, December 22, 1943:

It would be a consummate joy to attend the distribution, by the Kalibapi Women’s Coordinating Committee, of Christmas gifts purchased with funds raised by the Manila Sinbun-sya, but pressure of official business 3 prevents me from attending in person. I am happy to learn, however, that a considerable amount has been donated by civic-spirited individuals to help make the Christmas season as joyous and as cheerful as possible for the war widows and orphans, the released prisoners of war, and other less fortunate people. I want very sincerely to thank the donors for their generous donations, the officials of the Sinbun-sya for their deep interest in raising the Christmas fund, and the Women’s Coordinating Committee of the Kalibapi for their untiring efforts in making the necessary arrangements for the proper distribution of these gifts. Every little thing that goes to the poor and the needy lightens their sorrows and brightens their hopes.

In wishing the donors and the recipients equal share of the joys that Christmas brings to the hearts and souls of all true Christians.

I want to express the fond hope that this spirit of love and charity so nobly manifested may continue to permeate the lives of our people and to strengthen their faith in God and in their fellowmen.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library