Announcement made by Malacañan on the arrival in Manila from Tokyo of one million square yards of cotton cloth, which is part of the gift of the Imperial Japanese Government to the Republic of the Philippines on the attainment of its independence, December 24, 1943:

We wish to express profound gratitude to the Japanese Government for its thoughtfulness in sending 1,000,000 square yards of cotton cloth as a gift felicitating our independence. This shipment of cotton cloth is part of the gift which Japan gave to the Philippine Republic on the day of independence but transportation difficulties caused delay in its arrival. The delay could not have been better timed. Delivered to our poor and indigent and to the laboring classes during the Christmas season and at a time when commodities are so expensive, the gift will serve to cheer up thousands of families who might otherwise have missed the spirit of Yuletide this year.

It is our intention to distribute this gift principally in the provinces in order that the agrarian people will obtain a proper share of prime commodities.

The Filipino people are deeply moved by the kind consideration and generosity of the Japanese Government. Acts like this will have a lasting effect in the relationship of the two peoples. We look forward to reciprocating this kindness in some form.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library