Announcement of the Board of Information of the Imperial Japanese Government in connection with the convocation of the Greater East Asia Congress, November 4, 1943:

On the basis of amity, mutual consideration, and cooperation, the nations of Greater East Asia have been forging ahead for the accomplishment of their common aim, but in order to exchange frank and constructive views regarding the prosecution of the Greater East Asia War and the building up of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere the delegates of the various independent nations will get together.

Arrangements have been made for the nations of Japan, China, Thailand, Manchoukuo, Philippines and Burma to send delegates to the Greater East Asia Congress in Tokyo. The representatives of the Azad Hind, who incidentally are sojourning in Tokyo, are scheduled to attend the parley as observers.

Delegates and participants of the East Asia nations and observers from the Azad Hind are as follows:

Nippon Representatives:

General Hideki Tozyo, Premier.
Admiral Sigetaro Simada, Navy Minister.
Kazuo Aoki, Greater East Asia Minister.
Mamoru Sigemitu, Foreign Minister.
Naoki Hosino, Chief Cabinet Secretary.
Eizi Amau, President, Board of Information, and six others.

Chinese Representatives:

Wang Ching-wei, President, Executive Yuan.
Chou Ko-hai, Vice-President, Executive Yuan.
Chu Min-yi, Foreign Minister.
Cheng Chang-tsu, Member, Military Affairs Committee.
Chou Lung-hsiang, Chief Secretary, Executive Yuan.
Pi Feng-yuan, Deputy Secretary, Executive Yuan.

Thailand Representatives:

H. R. H. Prince Wan Waithaygon, Representative of the Prime Minister.
Chai Plate Pasein, Major-General, Acting Foreign Minister.
Chit Sayamukhan, Foreign Vice-Minister, and three others.

Manchoukuo Representatives:

Chang Ching-hui, Premier.
Li Shao-keng, Foreign Minister.
Wang Yun-ching, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.
Akira Oe. Administrative Chief, Foreign Ministry.
Masuo Matumoto, Secretary, General Affairs Board and two others.

Philippine Representatives:

Jose P. Laurel, President.
Claro M. Recto, Foreign Minister.
Quintin Paredes, Public Works and Communications Minister.
Jose B. Laurel, Jr., Assemblyman, Secretary to the President.

Burma Representatives:

Ba Maw, Premier.
U. Tan Aung, Cooperation Minister.
U. Thein Maung, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.
U. Swe Bo, Foreign Vice-Minister.
U. Nyun Han, Secretary to the Premier.
Bo Yan Nai, Lieutenant-Colonel, Secretary to the Premier.

Free India Representatives:

Subhas Chandra Bose, Head of Government.
Lieutenant-Colonel Bonslee, Chief of Staff, High Command.
A. M. Sahay, Chief Cabinet Secretary, and two others.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library