Message of His Excellency, Jose P. Laurel, President of the Republic of the Philippines, to the Institute of Pensionados to Japan at its opening exercises, Manila, March 30, 1944 read by Honorable Arsenio N. Luz Chairman, Board of Information.

I wish to congratulate you upon your selection as Philippine pensionados to Japan by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Yours is an opportunity not given to every Filipino young man today, and I trust that you will exert your best efforts to be worthy not only of the privilege but of your country on whose behalf you are going to study in Japan to become the better servants of your people.

As you start your preliminary training I hope you will take every possible advantage of the facilities that you will have here in order to reinforce your equipment as Philippine pensionados abroad. We live in an age that is very much accelerated in the tempo of its progress and for this reason we have neither time nor energy to waste. Our rating as potential leaders of our country in its greatest period of reconstruction will depend on how efficiently and effectively we make use of our opportunities in our preparation for service.

In your period of preliminary preparation and even in your period of study abroad, I hope you will completely impress on your minds that you have one supreme loyalty, whether in the hour of danger or trouble or in the hour of greatest success, and that is, your motherland. I would have you remember at all times that you are the receivers of a priceless heritage, the rich tradition of heroism and service to the motherland, and that it is your primary duty to be worthy of your heritage as you prepare yourselves for the continuation of the great work started by our fathers.

In this connection, I would have you review our national history as far back as you can and trace faithfully the line and development of this heroic tradition in order to deepen your understanding and appreciation and provide yourselves a lasting inspiration to guide and enrich all your future endeavors.

Here, as well as abroad. I would have you keep ever fresh the sense of mental adventure, guarding ever against preconceptions ready to welcome truths when they have proved their title despite the havoc that they may work with old and cherished beliefs.

Now and ever afterwards, I would have you enforce in your everyday activities the most intelligent discipline that knows how to subordinate petty and personal interests to the larger causes that are vital to the community and nation to which you belong.

I would likewise have you bear in mind a; all times the philosophy of the new order to which you all belong. This new order is committed to the establishment and perpetuation of the rule of moral justice in which every opportunity will be given to all to fulfill their highest creative instinct in service not for their personal advantage but for the welfare and well-being of the entire community. Ali your preparations will mean nothing to yourselves as individuals and to your people as a nation unless you are completely and absolutely animated by this philosophy of service. Nothing short of the supreme sacrifice may be expected of you to live up to this ideal, and I dare say that you will find your greatest joy and gratification in succeeding to come up to the measure of this ideal.

You will, therefore, carry with you here, as well as abroad, the principle that you are a Filipino first and last and that as a Filipino you will be ready to serve to the extent of sacrificing yourselves in order to insure the happiness of your country and make of it a worthy member of the community of free nations not only in East Asia but in the entire world.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library