To provide appropriate training for the employees of the different departments, bureaus, and offices of the Central Administrative Organization, including the Judicial Courts, and the provincial and city governments, that would better fit them for the proper performance of their duties under the New Order, the establishment in the City of Manila of a school for the training of government employees in accordance with the provisions hereof is hereby ordered:

1. Name of the school.—The school shall be called “The Government Employees Training Institute.”

2. Administration.—The Executive Secretary to the Commission shall, on behalf of the Chairman of the Executive Commission, exercise administrative control and supervision over the Institute. The Chief of the Civil Service shall act as its Director and he will be assisted by a Superintendent and an Educational Adviser.

The Director of the Institute, with the approval of the Executive Secretary to the Commission, is authorized to secure the services of any official of any department, bureau, office, branch, instrumentality or agency of the Central Administrative Organization including the Judicial Courts, as instructor or lecturer of the Institute. All officials and employees of the departments, bureaus, offices, branches, instrumentalities or agencies of the Central Administrative Organization including the Judicial Courts are hereby enjoined to extend to the Institute every possible assistance and cooperation that may be requested of them by the said officers of the Institute.

3. Objectives.—The Institute shall pursue the following objectives:

(1) To rejuvenate the employees spiritually, morally, and physically;

(2) To develop the spirit of wholehearted cooperation with the Administration in its program to reconstruct the New Philippines and to make it a worthy member of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere;

(3) To train the employees in the efficient and economical administration of the public services;

(4) To instill in the employees a high sense of honesty, to encourage the practice of simple and frugal living, and to develop endurance of hard work.

4. Duration of the course.—The course shall last for a term of eight (8) weeks. The first term shall open on Monday, October 19, 1942, and shall close on Saturday, December 12, 1942. The inclusive dates of subsequent terms shall be announced in due time.

5. Curriculum of instruction.—The course of study in the Institute shall consist of the following:

1. General Information Concerning Japan,

2. Public Service Administration,

3. Japanese Language,

4. Philippine Culture,

5. Music (Japanese and Filipino songs),

6. Physical Culture, and

7. Lectures on various topics relating to the New Order, the intentions of Nippon waging the Greater East Asia Co Prosperity Sphere, the establishment of th New Philippines, and others.

6. Number of trainees: quota of each bureau office, province or chartered city.—There will be a total of 200 trainees for each term. Each department, bureau or office of the Central Administrative Organization, including the Judicial Courts, and every province or city shall send to the Institute for each training term the number of employees indicated in the attached Appendix.

7. Selection of the trainees.—The trainees shall be selected by the Commissioners of Departments from the chiefs and assistant chiefs of divisions chiefs of sections, and other employees occupying positions of the latter or higher rank, in the different bureaus, offices, provinces, and cities under their respective departments. Only male employees, not over forty-five years old, may be selected for scholarship in the Institute.

8. Trainees to be quartered.—All trainees shall be required to live in quarters that will be provided for them at the premises of the Institute for the entire training period, during which time they shall be required to observe disciplinary rules and regulations which shall be prescribed by the Director of the Institute with the approval of the Executive Secretary to the Commission.

9. What trainees should bring.—Every employee that may be designated to take a course in the Institute should bring with him for presentation to the Director of the Institute an appropriate credential signed by the respective Commissioner of Department stating that the bearer thereof has been selected for scholarship in the Institute. Such credential should also show the name, age, residence, position, and annual salary of the employee concerned. He should also bring with him to the Institute at least the following:

3 Pants, 2 long and 1 short, khaki; 3 Shirts, long sleeves, khaki;

1 Hat, khaki, soft;

2 Pairs of shoes, any color, preferably tan;

3 Pairs of socks;

4 Handkerchiefs;

3 Sets of underwear;

1 Set of toilet articles;

1 Set of bedding: 1 mat, 2 bed sheets, 1 pillow, 2 pillow cases, 1 blanket, and 1 mosquito bar;

1 Spoon

1 Tea spoon

1 Fork

1 Table knife; and

2 Table napkins.

10 Registration for the first term.—The registration of the trainees for the first training term shall take place during the prescribed office hours on October 16 and 17 1942, in the office of the Executive Officer and Registrar at the premises of the Institute.

11. Payment of salaries, traveling expenses and hoard of the trainees.—The salaries of the trainees during the period of their training, including the time spent in traveling from their residences to Manila in the case of those that come from the provinces and chartered cities other than Manila; their traveling expenses in going to the Institute and in returning to their stations after the training; and the actual cost of their board during their stay in the Institute not to exceed PI per day for each trainee shall be paid by the bureau, office, province or city in which they are respectively employed.

Done in the City of Manila, Philippines, this 15th day of October, 1942.

(Sgd.) Jorge B. Vargas
Chairman of the Executive Commission


Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library