Philippine Electoral Almanac May 10 spreads38 Philippine Electoral Almanac May 10 spreads39Upon the death of President Roxas in 1948, Vice President Elpidio Quirino assumed the presidency. Prior to his sudden demise, Roxas had been reported to favor another stalwart from northern Luzon, Senator Quintin Paredes, to be his running mate in 1949. Quirino’s place as standard-bearer of the LP did not sit well with a wing of the party led by the powerful Senate President Jose Avelino, which resulted in an intraparty split into “Quirinistas” and “Avelinistas.” Quirino picked Senator Fernando Lopez to be his running mate, while Avelino chose Vicente J. Francisco. As the Liberals fought among themselves, the Nacionalistas were equally in a quandary with their nominee former President Jose P. Laurel, whose controversial stint as President of the Japanese-sponsored Second Republic led many to brand him a collaborator.

In the end, the elections resulted in a victory for the Quirinistas, capturing Malacañang, all eight seats in the Senate (the second such administration sweep of the Senate), and a majority in the House.

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