Statement of Ambassador to Japan Jorge B. Vargas, on the Greater East Asia Congress, November 5, 1943:

The Congress of Greater East Asia now being held in Tokyo opens a new era in the history of the Orient. For the first time representatives from the principal nations of Greater East Asia have come together to discuss ways and means of cooperation in the achievement of their common purposes: the freedom, peace, and prosperity of Asia.

The attendance of the Philippines at this historic Congress is especially significant because it is the first time that we participate in an international conference as a free and sovereign nation and also because, most fittingly, we do so as an Oriental nation restoring those ancient ties of kinship and proximity which were allowed to lapse in the past.

I am confident that the Republic will be worthily and brilliantly represented at the Congress by our President, Dr. Jose P. Laurel, by the Foreign Minister Claro M. Recto and by Minister Quintin Paredes. I am filled with a personal sense of gratification because the current Congress will, I am sure, facilitate immensely the task of the Ambassador of the Republic to the Empire of Japan.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library