Press statement of Jorge B. Vargas, President of the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation, November 10, 1943:

I am happy to learn that the Greater East Asia Athletic Association has been organized in Tokyo by representatives of athletic organizations in the Philippines, Japan, China, Manchoukuo, Thailand, and Burma. I have long believed in sports as a means of cultivating and promoting international good-will and the formation of the new association will surely strengthen the solidarity of Greater East Asia.

The atmosphere of perfect understanding and mutual respect which now exists among the nations in the Sphere will make it possible for international competitive athletics in the Orient to attain its highest ends. At the same time it is to be hoped that, under the new Association, each Oriental country will also encourage coordinated mass athletics. Thus sports can be made to play its rightful role in helping to build the structure of the Sphere by fostering social habits of disciplined cooperation and community action.

Source: Office of the Solicitor General Library