On May 6, 1942, Corregidor Island, the island fortress at the entrance of Manila Bay, fell to the Japanese Imperial Army. Upon the fall of the Bataan peninsula on April 9, 1942, Corregidor was the last bastion of Filipino and American forces against the Japanese invasion. It was important for the Japanese to capture Corregidor, that their navy could utilize Manila Bay for their campaign. The island was subjected to constant shelling from more than 300 full-scale Japanese air raids and hundreds of thousands of heavy artillery rounds—up to 16,000 on a single day. Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright, commander of the forces in Corregidor, finally surrendered to the Japanese, led by General Masaharu Homma.

Infographic Maps on the Fall of Corregidor

Maps and infographics that trace and illustrate events from December 1941 to May 1942. This period marks the Fall of Corregidor to Japanese Imperial Forces.

World War II in the Philippines (Timeline Project)

An interactive timeline which features key events and significant groups and individuals in Philippine history, particularly during the Second World War.

Landmarks of Living Memory

An essay on the rationale behind the World War II Timeline Project.

World War II in the Philippines

A special commemorative page detailing events that transpired during the Second World War in the Philippines. The page contains links to other pages such as maps, interactive timelines, videos, and photos pertinent to World War II in the Philippines—as well as the commemorative page for the 70th anniversary of the Fall of Bataan.

Photos of the Fall of Corregidor

View more photos of the Fall of Corregidor on the Presidential Museum and Library Flickr account.

​Statement of Field Marshal Douglas MacArthur on the Fall of Corregidor, May 7, 1942​

On May 7, 1942, Field Marshal Douglas MacArthur released a statement on the Fall of Corregidor. He served as the commander of the United States Forces in the Philippines (USFIP).

Talk by President Manuel L. Quezon on the Shortwave to the Philippine Islands, May 8, 1942

On May 8, 1942, President Manuel L. Quezon delivered a talk on the Fall of Corregidor via radio broadcast. He reiterated Field Marshal Douglas MacArthur’s promise to return to the Philippines and help ward off the Imperial Japanese forces.

Radio Broadcast of Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright announcing the surrender of the US Forces in the Philippines

On May 7, 1942, in a radio broadcast on KZRH (now DZRH), U.S. Lt. General Jonathan Wainwright announced the surrender of the United States Forces in the Philippines (USFIP) to the Imperial Japanese Forces, following the Fall of Corregidor the day before.

Statement of President Laurel on the Second Anniversary of the Fall of Corregidor

On May 7, 1944, President Jose P. Laurel released a statement on the second anniversary of the Fall of Corregidor.