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The Presidential Museum and Library, in celebration of International Museum Day, launches a digital archive to make a broad range of preserved historical and digitized materials available online. This project is hosted by the Internet Archive (, a nonprofit organization founded to build internet libraries around the world such as Project Gutenberg and Open Library, to preserve and provide access to a wide array of materials such as texts, audio files, and videos.

The Presidential Museum and Library, under the supervision of the Presidential Communication Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO), is responsible for preserving, managing, and promoting the history and heritage of the Philippine presidency and the Malacañan Palace. It is in keeping with these goals that we launch this project to provide a permanent access to government documents and publications for everyone. Our policy has been to prove that these resources can be shared with the public at minimal cost to the government. The use of an an open-source platform enables researchers, historians, scholars and the general public to use a variety of resources, all for free.

We will be compiling books, documents, publications, documentary films, maps, charts, scanned and colorized historical photographs, articles, infographic maps, and other material.

These can be accessed through this URL: You can can also access them through the Presidential Museum and Library and the Official Gazette of the Philippines.