Essential readings on Ninoy—his life, death, and the basis for his resistance and ultimate sacrifice for the country.

Carmen Guerrero Nakpil on the death of Ninoy Aquino

An excerpt from “Legends and Adventures,” part of Carmen Guerrero Nakpil’s autobiographical trilogy, on the author’s recollections of the day Ninoy Aquino died. This is published with the permission of the author and with the assistance of her daughter Lisa G. Nakpil.

Eulogy delivered by Corazon C. Aquino during the funeral mass for Ninoy Aquino

The following speech was taken from writer John Nery’s blog. He notes that this was copied from “Human Society No. 21,” published by the La Ignaciana Apostolic Center on September 1, 1983. This was Cory Aquino’s response to Jaime Cardinal Sin’s homily at the funeral Mass in Sto. Domingo Church, in Quezon City. The typographical errors were retained to remain faithful to the original.

The Conscience of the Filipino: The Sacrifice

Ninoy, in his own words, on the spiritual and moral lessons of his imprisonment, and his decision to come home to try to reason with Marcos and prove to his countrymen the importance of change through peaceful, non-violent means.

Is He?

Teodoro M. Locsin’s reflection on martyrdom, sacrifice, and the public good.


Philippines Free Press editorial on what would have happened, if Ninoy hadn’t been killed.