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For the past six years, the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) has commemorated the nation’s special celebrations and important dates by promoting the defining stories and moments of Philippine history online. These visually elaborate commemorative pages and microsites, originally featured in the Official Gazette and the website of the Presidential Museum and Library, are now compiled in a new volume, The Official Calendar of the Republic: An Almanac of Philippine Commemorations. This compendium is available in e-book format and is downloadable for free through this URL:

For every day of the calendar year, we feature birth and death anniversaries of significant Filipinos, legislative milestones, pivotal moments in revolutions, key dates in the whole of the Philippine presidency with long form essays that go in greater detail over these events. We have also included salient points of every administration since the First Republic to the Fifth Republic, and the men and women who have led them. The Official Calendar is an an earnest effort to weave these fragments into a story of the Republic, enlivened with illustrations. We hope you will enjoy it.

For more related resources, visit the Presidential Museum and Library and Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines websites. Our social media account in Tumblr—will likewise be promoting the book and its content.

Download the Official Calendar of the Republic e-book.