A Day in Malacañang Palace
A Suggested Itinerary


San Miguel Parish Church
It’s the only shrine in the world dedicated to the seven archangels: Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, Saint Uriel, Saint Selatiel, Saint Jhudiel, and Saint Barachiel.


Casa Roces
Casa Roces is a 1930s ancestral house of the Roces family which was converted into a fine dining restaurant, café and an art gallery. The house was designed in a pre-war modernist style with Art Deco articulation. It used several construction materials including reinforced concrete, wood and masonry. Typical in Commonwealth era houses are the use of “Machuca” tile flooring which can be seen on the ground floor of the ancestral abode.


Malacañang Museum

Walk in the same halls as the leaders who have shaped our history by taking a tour of Malacañang Museum, which is open to the public through reservations.

The tour consists of the Presidential Museum and Library. It might highly be unlikely that you’ll bump into the President, but there’s so much to during your visit. Take your camera as photography is allowed

While it is unlikely that you will bump into the President during your visit, the museum has plenty to offer from its archives, memorabilia and stunning architecture. Bring you camera and have fun, you can pose with the podium the President uses when he rehearses for the SONA.

For reservations or more information, call (02) 784-4286 or visit their website.