Rizal Ceremonial Hall –  This hall was where the death sentence of Dr. Jose Rizal was passed in 1896. It has seen many events and official state functions throughout the different Philippine administrations.

Reception Hall –  Featuring the official portraits of Philippine Presidents, the Reception Hall was built during the American Period and underwent many changes over the years until it was eventually restored in 2011.

Aguinaldo State Dining Room –  This site was where the Americans confined President Emilio Aguinaldo upon his capture in 1901. It was made into a state dining room in 1935 during the Presidency of Manuel L. Quezon.

Presidential Study –  Used by a number of Presidents as their office, this room held many confidential meetings during the term of Presidents Quezon, Laurel, Osmeña, Roxas, Quirino, Magsaysay, Garcia, and Marcos.

Music Room –  The different first ladies used this room as their reception area up until the Presidency of Corazon C. Aquino, who used it to entertain officials and foreign Ambassadors.

Heroes Hall –  The Heroes Hall, as it is appropriately named, contains busts of Philippine heroes made by Guillermo Tolentino. Its walls are also lined with murals depicting the history of the Philippines.

President’s Hall – Constructed from 1978-79, this part of the Palace has housed different functions throughout several administrations.