Pres Study 2
Photo courtesy of Mr. Lyle Fisher.
Photo from the Malacañang Photo Bureau.
Photo from the Malacañang Photo Bureau.

Formerly called the Rizal Room, the Presidential Study was created in 1935 from what used to be a bedroom dating back to Spanish times. Francis Burton Harrison, Jr. was born here during his father’s term as Governor-General. Since Governor-General Frank Murphy brought with him the governor-general’s desk made for William Howard Taft, President Quezon installed a new desk and chairs used by all the Philippine presidents until President Marcos replaced them in 1979.

Subsequently, the old presidential desk and chairs were kept in President Marcos’ private office until put away in storage during the Aquino administration. Late in his term, President Marcos restored the desk and chairs to the presidential study but they were again removed by President Estrada and used instead in the First Lady’s office in the New Executive Building. The presidential desk and chairs were restored once more to their traditional use and place by President Arroyo. The chandelier in this room dates to the Commonwealth as does the general design of the room, which however was expanded and rebuilt in 1979.

Presidents Quezon, Laurel, Osmeña, Roxas, Quirino, Magsaysay, and Garcia used this office primarily in the afternoon and in the evening, for more confidential work, or to greet visitors and address the nation on radio. Presidents Macapagal and Marcos gradually abandoned the use of the Presidential Office in the Executive Building and began using the Presidential Study exclusively.

Behind the Presidential Study is a small conference room called the Study Conference Room. President Marcos used this as an extension of his office, for confidential meetings. It continued to be used as office space until it was refurbished during the Estrada administration.