The Presidential Museum and Library serves as an archive of the history and heritage of the Philippine presidency and government. Our website ( contains a broad range of preserved historical and digitized materials—like official papers and documents—made available to researchers and students alike. We also have documentary films, maps, charts, scanned and colorized historical photographs, announcements, articles, briefers, timelines, readings, infographic maps, and commemorative pages available for everyone.

General Research

To get started on general research, use the keyword search box located at the upper righthand corner of the website.

General Research

The Presidential Museum and Library

To know more about the museum and library, click About and go to Presidential Museum and Library. To view the museum’s galleries, click 360°. This 360° virtual tour showcases a panorama view of the Kalayaan Hall’s facade, the Old Waiting Room, and the Main Hall’s northeast and southeast galleries.

PML and 360

Presidents of the Republic of the Philippines

If you are interested in learning about the Philippine presidents, click Resources and navigate to General for interesting tidbits on Philippine presidency—including, but not limited to, information on presidential spouses; vice presidents who’ve served; referenda; presidential cars, yachts, planes, trains, and music.

Presidents of the Philippines

Under the same main tab, navigate to President’s Biographies to find more information on the president’s coat of arms, biography, cabinet, issuances, country data during his/her term, laws, election results, and transcripts and video of State of the Nation Addresses (SONAs). Election results and SONAs are presented in informative and engaging maps and charts.

President's Biographies

Navigate to Messages of the Presidents to read inaugural addresses, messages, statements, speeches, State of the Nation Addresses, budget messages, historical papers and documents, appointments and designations, and the archive of President’s Day documents.

Messages of the Presidents

You can also click Comparative Data to view the comprehensive compilation of the presidents’ State of the Nation Addresses and Inaugural Addresses since 1935.

State of the Nation Address

In the State of the Nation Addresses page, click the specific year located at the righthand side of the page for interactive speech charts and word clouds. Click Read the speech to access the original transcript of the speeches.

SONA interactive

For a complete list of presidential trips throughout history, click Comparative Data and navigate to Presidential Foreign Trips.

Foreign trips

Heritage of the Philippine Presidency and Malacañan Palace

If you are looking for readings on national symbols of Philippine sovereignty, click Resources and navigate to Flags and Heraldry. We have interesting infographic maps and articles on the history of the Philippine flag, the origin of the symbols of our national flag, the flags and banners of the Philippine colonial era, and the national anthem’s predecessor and influences.

Flags and Heraldry

If you need a complete roster of the recipients of Filipino medals and decorations as well as Filipino recipients of foreign awards, click Resources and navigate to Honor Code of the Philippines. We have compiled a complete roster of the recipients of the Quezon Service Cross, the Order of Lakandula, the Order of Sikatuna, the Philippine Legion of Honor, the Order of Gabriela Silang, the Order of the National Artists, the Order of National Scientists, the Order of Social Scientists, Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan, Gawad Mabini, the Order of the Golden Heart, and the Presidential Medal of Merit.

Honors Code

If you are interested in traditions and protocols within Malacañan Palace and the Philippine presidency, click Resources and navigate to Protocol. We have interesting readings on the protocol, ceremony, history, and symbolism of the presidential inauguration, on the newly sworn-in president’s “possession” of Malacañan Palace, on the history and traditions of the State of the Nation Address, on the vin d’honneur, and on presidential funerals.


If you are interested in the history and architecture of the Malacañan Palace, go to About and navigate to Malacañan Palace. You can also download a Quick Guide to Malacañan Palace from here.

Malacanan Palace

Electoral data

If you are looking for electoral data, click Comparative Data and navigate to Presidential Elections. This section presents the results of national and presidential elections in engaging charts and maps as well as information on political parties and coalitions.

Presidential Elections

Current data are also made available on Public Opinion, with presidential ratings from Social Weather Stations Presidential Satisfaction Ratings since President Corazon C. Aquino to present, and Pulse Asia Presidential Performance and Trust Ratings Surveys since President Joseph Ejercito Estrada to present.

Public Opinion

Search by Categories

If you need a chronological account of the heritage of Philippine presidency and government, click Blog and navigate to the category By era. This section compiles our archival papers and documents according to periods in Philippine history. We have collections relating to the Spanish Colonial Period, the American Colonial Period, the Japanese Occupation, the British Occupation, the First Republic, the Commonwealth Period, the Second Republic, the Third Republic, Martial Law, the Fourth Republic, and the Fifth Republic.

By era

If you need a thematic list of the articles and records in our website, you can click Blog and navigate to the category By topic. Included here are vast topics on history and heritage of Philippine government: Malacañan Palace, Apolinario Mabini, Andres Bonifacio, Electoral Almanac, and Independence Day, among others.

By topic

If you are looking for a specific type of document, click Blog and navigate to the category By type. For easy navigation, we have arranged the documents as follows: announcements, articles, briefers, timelines, readings, and infographic maps.

By type

We’ve also compiled the articles, in a comprehensive list, for each topic.

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