Executive Order No. 94, s. 1944

Signed on September 30, 1944: Authorizing Justices of the Peace of Judges of Municipal Courts to act in criminal cases in the absence, disqualification or inability of Judges of First Instance.

Executive Order No. 89, s. 1944

Signed on September 27, 1944: Changing the designations of Chief, First Assistant Chief and Second Assistant Chief of Constabulary and providing a new scale of salaries therefor.

Executive Order No. 87, s. 1944

Signed on September 14, 1944: Providing for the payment of an anniversary gratuity to commemorate the completion on October 14, 1944, of the first year of the Republic of the Philippines equivalent to three months’ basic salaries and wages to officials, employees, and laborers of the national, provincial, city and municipal governments and of the government-owned or controlled corporations.

Executive Order No. 85, s. 1944

Signed on September 8, 1944: Vesting in the Minister of Economic Affairs the powers, duties and functions exercised by the President of the Republic of the Philippines over government-owned or controlled corporations or associations, and the power of supervision and control over all corporations or associations dealing in foodstuffs and other prime commodities organized by the former Japanese military administration and subsequently transferred to the Republic of the Philippines.

Executive Order No. 84, s. 1944

Signed on September 5, 1944: Creating an anniversary committee to formulate plans and devise ways and means for the appropriate observance of October fourteenth.

Executive Order No. 83, s. 1944

Signed on September 1, 1944: Promoting and retiring with gratuity Captain Pioquinto Bergado of the Philippine Constabulary

Executive Order No. 80, s. 1944

Signed on August 12, 1944: Observing the Chief of Constabulary to immediately take possession of all stocks of hides, upper and sole leather, and other materials needed for the manufacture of footwear.