Rationing of Coconuts

MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND COMMERCE December 6, 1943 RATIONING OF COCONUTS The Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce has issued Ministry Orders Nos. 35 and 36, both dated December 3, 1943, concerning the control of fresh coconuts. Under Ministry Order No. 35, the Federation of Coconut Growers Cooporative Associations has been designated as the organization to continue reading : Rationing of Coconuts

Ownership of Controlled Goods

PHILIPPINE PRIME COMMODITIES DISTRIBUTION CONTROL ASSOCIATION December 3, 1943 OWNERSHIP OF CONTROLLED GOODS It is evident that many people are under the impression that controlled commodities or goods are owned by the parties—retailers, merchants, dealers and agents—handling them, or by those in whose possession the goods are before they reach the consuming public. This is continue reading : Ownership of Controlled Goods

Enforcement of Ordinance No. 2

MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF LOCAL GOVERNMENTS December 2, 1943 ENFORCEMENT OF ORDINANCE NO. 2 To avert shortage and effect equitable distribution of rice and corn, etc., the President has issued an Ordinance designating the National Rice and Corn Corporation in charge of controlling supply and distribution of said commodities. None except said control continue reading : Enforcement of Ordinance No. 2

General operations against bandits and guerrillas

It must be remembered that these fortunate results are entirely due to the hypocrisy and destructive acts of these subversive element and condemnation and blame should, therefore be properly placed upon the shoulders of the Americans and their Filipino followers and adherents who alone are the responsible parties.

Execution or imprisonment of violators of martial law

The Filipino people must take advantage of making the above-mentioned cases as motives for renewing their understanding of the present situation of the Philippines; moreover, in consideration of the fate of their beloved families, they must deliberate and ponder upon their every word and conduct, mutually warning, stimulating, and co-operating with each other, with a view to vigorously striving for the establishment of the New Philippines with their own hands.

Establishment of the Office of Liaison and Public Assistance Service

Statement ESTABLISHMENT OF THE OFFICE OF LIAISON AND PUBLIC ASSISTANCE SERVICE October 10, 1942 The Japanese military authorities have decided to open an office of Liaison and Public Assistance Service in the north wing of the Metropolitan Theater building- at Plaza Lawton, Manila, for the benefit of Filipinos who are now taking an active role continue reading : Establishment of the Office of Liaison and Public Assistance Service

Resumption of general telegraph communication service in the Philippines

Announcement RESUMPTION OF GENERAL TELEGRAPH COMMUNICATION SERVICE IN THE PHILIPPINES October 7, 1942 It has been decided and arranged to re-open, effective on and from October 10, 1942, the general telegraph communication service (transmission and receipt of telegram messages between places) in the Philippines. The Densei Kyoka (the Bureau of Electrical Communications of the Imperial continue reading : Resumption of general telegraph communication service in the Philippines