Malacañang Palace, the official residence of the President of the Philippines is located in San Miguel, Manila. The tranquil and charming middle-class residential area is one of the city’s sixteen traditional districts. It was original location of the San Miguel Brewery established during the Spanish colonial era. The brewery’s buildings were torn down after the land was transferred to the Government, and it today forms part of the Palace complex.

San Miguel also includes the Isla de Convalecencia, the largest island in the Pasig River, it is the site of Hospício de San José, Manila’s oldest Catholic welfare institution.


Plaza Liga Anti-Imperialista

Plaza Liga Anti-Imperialista in San Miguel is formerly Aviles Plaza. It commemorates the efforts of Boston-based anti-imperialist league. There is a marker built in front of it marker regarding the liberation of Manila is built in front of it.

Casa Roces

Casa Roces is a 1930s ancestral house of the Roces family which was renovated and turned into a full-service restaurant, café and an art gallery. Casa Roces was designed in the Pre-war modernist style with Art Deco articulation using a variety of construction materials which includes reinforced concrete, wood and masonry. On the ground floor, the distinguishing feature is the use of “Machuca” tile flooring which is typical with Commonwealth era house. The original layout of the rooms were changed to accommodate its new use as a restaurant and an art gallery.

Schools and Universties

Mendiola Consortium (MC) is an educational organization of five institutions located along the street of Mendiola in Manila, Philippines. It was founded on July 16, 1974 upon the invitation of then Centro Escolar University President Dionisio Tiongco the heads of San Beda College, College of the Holy Spirit and La Consolacion College Manila. They agreed to unite their resources to enhance the capability of providing quality education and public service, and to participate more effectively in the attainment of national development. It is through the MC schools that Mendiola street have become a peace zone since it was traditionally a site of rallies because of its proximity to Malacañan Palace.

Centro Escolar University

College of the Holy Spirit

La Consolacion College Manila

San Beda College

Saint Jude Catholic School


National Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus

The National Shrine of Saint Jude Thaddeus or Saint Jude Parish, is one of three Chinese parishes established by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila in Metro Manila, Philippines. Many devotuees flock to St. Jude, patron saint of impossible causes, every Thursday.

San Miguel

When Manila was destroyed by World War II, San Miguel Church served as the temporary cathedral (or pro-cathedral) of the Archdiocese of Manila while the Manila Cathedral was undergoing restoration from 1946 to 1958. The church became a national shrine in 1986. It’s the only shrine in the world dedicated to the seven archangels: Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, Saint Uriel, Saint Selatiel, Saint Jhudiel, and Saint Barachiel.