Corazon C. Aquino
February 25, 1986-June 30, 1992
(assumed position due to the EDSA Revolution)
Country Data
Election Results

Era Eleventh President of the Philippines
Second and Last President of the Fourth Republic
First President of the Fifth Republic
Constitution Amended 1973 Constitution
1986 Freedom Constitution
1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines
Predecessor Ferdinand E. Marcos
Successor Fidel V. Ramos
Inauguration February 25, 1986, Club Filipino, San Juan (aged 53)
Seat of Government City of Manila
Vice-President Salvador H. Laurel (1986-1992)
Chief Justice Marcelo B. Fernan (July 1, 1988-December 6, 1991)
Pedro L. Yap (April 18, 1988-July 1, 1988)
Claudio Teehankee (April 2, 1986-April 18, 1988)
Ramon C. Aquino (November 20, 1985-March 6, 1986)
Senate President Jovito Salonga (July 27, 1987-January 1, 1992)
Neptali Gonzales (January 1, 1992-June 30, 1992)
Speaker of the House Ramon V. Mitra Jr. (July 27, 1987-June 30, 1992)

Previous Positions

Executive None
Legislative None
Judicial None
Others None

Personal Details

Born January 25, 1933
Paniqui, Tarlac
Died August 1, 2009
Resting Place Manila Memorial Park
Political Parties UNIDO-PDP-Laban Coalition
Parents Jose Cojuangco
Demetria Sumulong
Spouse Benigno S. Aquino Jr.
Children Maria Elena Aquino Cruz
Aurora Corazon Aquino Abellada
President Benigno S. Aquino III
Victoria Elisa Aquino Dee
Kristina Bernadette Aquino
Alma Mater Major in French, Minor in Mathematics, College of Mount St. Vincent, Riverdale, New York (1953)
Law School, Far Eastern University (attended one year, 1953)
Occupation Housewife

Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Benjamin Leong
Secretary of Agrarian Reform
(April 6, 1990-June 30, 1992)
Florencio B. Abad
Secretary of Agrarian Reform
(January 4, 1990-April 5, 1990)
Miriam Santiago
Secretary of Agrarian Reform
(July 20, 1989-January 4, 1990)
Philip Juico
Secretary of Agrarian Reform
(July 23, 1987-July 1, 1989)
Department of Land Reform Heherson Alvarez
Secretary of Land Reform
(May 1, 1986-March 7, 1987)
Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Salvador Enriquez Jr.
Acting Secretary of Budget and Management
(February 12, 1992-December 31, 1993)
Guillermo Carague
Secretary of Budget and Management
(March 13, 1987-February 12, 1992)
Ministry of Budget and Management Alberto G. Romulo
Minister of Budget and Management
(February 26, 1986-March 8, 1987)
Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (DECS) Isidro Cariño
Secretary of Education, Culture, and Sports
(January 3, 1990-June 30, 1992)
Lourdes Quisumbing
Secretary of Education, Culture, and Sports
(February 1986-December 1990)
Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Fulgencio S. Factoran
Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources
(March 10, 1987-June 30, 1992)
Ministry of Natural Resources Carlos G. Dominguez
Minister of Natural Resources
(December 2, 1986-March 9, 1987)
Ernesto M. Maceda
Minister of Natural Resources
(February 26, 1986-December 1, 1986)
Department of Finance (DOF) Jesus Estanislao
Secretary of Finance
(January 1, 1990-June 30, 1992)
Vicente Jayme
Secretary of Finance
(September 15, 1987-December 31, 1989)
Jaime V. Ongpin
Secretary of Finance
(March 26, 1986-September 14, 1987)
Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Raul S. Manglapus
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
(October 1987-May 1992)
Salvador H. Laurel
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
(February 1986-September 1987)
Department of Health (DOH) Antonio O. Periquet
Secretary of Health
(February 10, 1992-June 30, 1992)
Alfredo R.A. Bengzon
Secretary of Health
(March 2, 1986-February 7, 1992)
Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Cesar N. Sarino
Secretary of the Interior and Local Government
(December 11, 1991-June 30, 1992)
Department of Local Government Luis T. Santos
Secretary of Local Government
(November 9, 1987-December 10, 1991)
Lito Monico C. Lorenzana
Secretary of Local Government
(August 3, 1987-November 8, 1987)
Ministry of Local Government and Community Development Jaime N. Ferrer
Minister of Local Government and Community Development
(December 8, 1986-August 2, 1987)
Aquilino Pimentel Jr.
Minister of Local Government and Community Development
(February 26, 1986-December 7, 1987)
Department of Justice (DOJ) Eduardo G. Montenegro
Secretary of Justice
(February 10, 1992-June 30, 1992)
Silvestre H. Bello III
Secretary of Justice
(July 15, 1991-February 9, 1992)
Franklin M. Drilon
Secretary of Justice
(January 4, 1999-July 14, 1991)
Sedfrey A. Ordoñez
Secretary of Justice
(March 9, 1987-January 2, 1990)
Ministry of Justice Neptali A. Gonzales
Minister of Justice
(February 28, 1986-March 8, 1987)
Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Augusto Sanchez
Secretary of Labor and Employment
Ministry of Labor and Employment Blas Ople
Minister of Labor and Employment
Department of National Defense (DND) Renato S. De Villa
Secretary of National Defense
(July 20, 1991-June 30, 1992)
Fidel V. Ramos
Secretary of National Defense
(January 22, 1988-July 18, 1991)
Rafael M. Ileto
Secretary of National Defense
(November 23, 1986-January 21, 1988)
Juan Ponce Enrile
Secretary of National Defense
(February 26, 1986-November 23, 1986)
Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Jose P. De Jesus
Secretary of Public Works and Highways
Fiorello Estuar
Secretary of Public Works and Highways
Juanito Ferrer
Secretary of Public Works and Highways
Vicente R. Jayme
Secretary of Public Works and Highways
Rogaciano M. Mercado
Secretary of Public Works and Highways
(March 1986-November 1986)
Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Ceferino L. Follosco
Secretary of Science and Technology
(April 7, 1989-June 30, 1992)
Antonio V. Arizabal
Secretary of Science and Technology
(June 7, 1986-April 6, 1989)
Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Mita Pardo de Tavera
Secretary pf Social Welfare and Development
Department of Tourism (DOT) Narzalina Z. Lim
Secretary of Tourism
(February 17, 1992-September 10, 1992)
Rafael Alunan III
Secretary of Tourism
(January 9, 1991-February 16, 1992)
Peter Garrucho
Secretary of Tourism
(June 8, 1989-January 8, 1991)
Narzalina Z. Lim
Acting Secretary of Tourism
(April 14, 1989-June 7, 1989)
Jose Antonio Gonzales
Secretary of Tourism
(February 26, 1986-April 14, 1989)
Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) Arturo C. Corona
Secretary of Transportation and Communication
(December 20, 1990-May 16, 1991)
Pete Nicomedes Prado
Secretary of Transportation and Communication
(March 23, 1991-July 1, 1992)
Oscar Orbos
Secretary of Transportation and Communication
(January 3, 1990-December 9, 1990)
Rainerio O. Reyes
Secretary of Transportation and Communication
(March 16, 1987-January 3, 1990)
Hernando B. Perez
Secretary of Transportation and Communication
(March 7, 1986-March 16, 1987)
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Peter Garrucho
Secretary of Trade and Industry
Jose A. Concepcion Jr.
Secretary of Trade and Industry
Executive Office Franklin Drilon
Executive Secretary
(July 15, 1991-June 30, 1992)
Oscar Orbos
Executive Secretary
(December 16,1990-July 14, 1991)
Catalino Macaraig
Executive Secretary
(September 17, 1987-December 14, 1990)
Joker Arroyo
Executive Secretary
(February 25, 1986-September 15, 1987)
Office of the Press Secretary Horacio Paredes
Press Secretary
(February 12, 1992-June 30, 1992)
Tomas Gomez III
Press Secretary
(January 4, 1990-February 11, 1992)
Adolfo S. Azcuna
Press Secretary
(June 16, 1986-December 31, 1989)
Teodoro Benigno
Press Secretary
(September 6, 1986-June 14, 1989)
Ministry of Public Information Teodoro L. Locsin Jr.
Minister of Public Information
(March 25, 1986-September 14, 1987)

  • Executive Orders: 1-683 (total: 683)
  • Administrative Orders: 1-289 (total: 289)
  • Memorandum Orders: 1-429 (total: 429)
  • Memorandum Circulars: 1-156 (total: 156)
  • Proclamations: 1-932 (total: 932)

  • Population: 56.00 million (1986)
  • Gross Domestic Product: P591,423 million (1986)
  • Gross Domestic Product: P716,522 million (1991)
  • GDP Growth Rate: 3.33% (1986-1991 average)
  • Income Per Capita: P10,622 (1986)
  • Income Per Capita: P11,250 (1991)
  • Total Exports: P160,571 million (1986)
  • Total Exports: P231,515 million (1991)
  • Unemployment Rate: 11.83% (1986)
  • Unemployment Rate: 10.58% (1991)
  • Peso-Dollar Exchange Rate: $1 = P20.38 (1986)
  • Peso-Dollar Exchange Rate: $1 = P27.61 (1991)

Source: National Statistical Coordination Board, National Accounts of the Philippines, National Statistics Office, Philippine Statistical Yearbook

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  • Republic Acts:
  • Batasang Pambansa:
  • Presidential Decrees:

These infographics were published as part of the Philippine Electoral Almanac, a compendium and handy resource of Philippine national elections from 1935 onwards, by the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office.

1986 Presidential Elections
Incumbent President Ferdinand E. Marcos and Assemblyman Arturo Tolentino of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan were challenged by opposition leaders Corazon C. Aquino, widow of martyred Senator Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino Jr., and former Senator Salvador “Doy” H. Laurel of UNIDO.

1986 Vice Presidential Elections

1987 Plebiscite

1987 Legislative Elections