Elpidio Quirino
First term: April 17, 1948-December 30, 1949 (succeeded)
Second term: December 30,1949-December 30, 1953 (elected)


National Coat of Arms

Presidential Seal

Country Data
Election Results

Era Sixth President of the Philippines
Second President of the ThirdRepublic
Constitution Amended 1935 Constitution
Predecessor Manuel Roxas
Successor Ramon Magsaysay
Inauguration April 17, 1948, Malacañan Palace, Manila (aged 57)
December 30, 1949, Independence Grandstand, Manila (aged 58)
Capital Manila
Quezon City
Vice-President: Fernando Lopez (December 30, 1949-December 30, 1953)
Chief Justice Ricardo M. Paras (April 2, 1951-February 17, 1961)
Manuel V. Moran (July 9, 1945-March 20, 1951)
Senate President Mariano Jesús Cuenco (February 21, 1949-December 30, 1951)
Quintin Paredes (March 5, 1952-April 17, 1952)
Camilo Osías (April 17, 1952-April 30, 1952; April 17, 1953-April 30, 1953)
Eulogio Rodriguez (April 30, 1952-April 17, 1953; November 30, 1953-December 30, 1953)
Jose Zulueta (April 30, 1953-November 30, 1953)
Speaker of the House Eugenio Perez (July 5, 1946-December 30, 1953)

Previous Positions

Executive Cabinet: Secretary of the Interior (1935-1938)
Cabinet: Secretary of Finance (1934-1936)
Cabinet: Secretary of Foreign Affairs (1946-1950)
National: Vice-President of the Philippines (May 28, 1946-April 17, 1948)
Legislative Lower House: Representative of the First District of Ilocos Sur, Philippine Assembly (1919-1925)
Upper House: Senator (1925-1931)
Upper House: Private secretary to Senate President Manuel Quezon (1916-1935)
Judicial None
Others Member, Council of State (Magsaysay administration)
Delegate, 1935 Constitutional Convention

Personal Details

Born November 16, 1890
Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Died February 29, 1956
Novaliches, Quezon City
Resting Place Manila South Cemetery, Makati City
Political Parties Nacionalista Party (1919-1946)
Liberal Party (1946-1953)
Parents Mariano Quirino
Gregoria Rivera
Spouse Alicia Syquia
Children Tomas Quirino
Armando Quirino
Norma Victoria Quirino Delgado
Fe Angela Quirino
Alma Mater Bachelor of Laws, University of the Philippines (1915)
Occupation Lawyer
Dean, College of Law, Adamson University

Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources Fernando Lopez
Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources
(December 14, 1950-1953)
Placido L. Mapa
Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources
(September 21, 1948-1950)
Department of Instruction Manuel Gallego
Secretary of Instruction
(May 28, 1946-September 20, 1948)
Department of Education, Culture, and Sports Cecilio Putong
Secretary of Education, Culture, and Sports
(April 18, 1952-January 13, 1954)
Teodoro Evangelista
Secretary of Education, Culture, and Sports
(May 18, 1951–September 30, 1951)
Pablo Lorenzo
Secretary of Education, Culture, and Sports
(September 14, 1950-April 3, 1951)
Prudencio Langcauon
Secretary of Education, Culture, and Sports
(September 21, 1948-September 13, 1950)
Department of Finance Aurelio Montinola Sr.
Secretary of Finance
(April 18, 1952-December 1953)
Pio Pedrosa
Secretary of Finance
(January 5, 1949-September 12, 1951)
Miguel Cuaderno
Secretary of Finance
(November 23, 1946-January 2, 1949)
Department of Foreign Affairs Joaquin M. Elizalde
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
(April 18, 1952-December 1953)
Carlos P. Romulo
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
(May 11, 1950-1951)
Felino Neri
Acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs
(January 6, 1950-)
Elpidio Quirino
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
(July 5, 1946-May 1950)
Department of Health Juan S. Salcedo
Secretary of Health
(December 14, 1950-November 10, 1953)
Antonio C. Villarama
Secretary of Health
(April 17, 1948-December 31, 1949)
Department of Interior Sotero Baluyut
Secretary of the Interior
(September 21, 1948-1951)
Department of Justice Roberto Gianzon
Secretary of Justice
(August 17, 1953-December 1953)
Oscar Castelo
Secretary of Justice
(January 1, 1952-August 16, 1953)
Jose P. Bengzon
Secretary of Justice
(August 29, 1950-September 23, 1951)
Ricardo P. Nepomuceno
Secretary of Justice
(July 1, 1949-July 25, 1950)
Sabino B. Padilla
Secretary of Justice
(September 19, 1948-June 30, 1949)
Roman Ozaeta
Secretary of Justice
(May 28, 1946-September 17, 1948)
Department of Labor and Employment Jose Figueras
Secretary of Labor and Employment
(December 21, 1950-)
Primitivo Lovina
Secretary of Labor and Employment
(September 21, 1948)
Department of National Defense Oscar T. Castelo
Secretary of National Defense
(March 1-December 19, 1953)
Ramon Magsaysay
Secretary of National Defense
(December 14, 1950-February 28, 1953)
Ruperto K. Kangleon
Secretary of National Defense
(April 17, 1948-August 31, 1950)
Department of Public Works and Communication Sotero Baluyut
Secretary of Public Works and Communication
(January 6, 1951-1952)
Prospero Sanidad
Secretary of Public Works and Communication
(February 21, 1950-1951)
Ricardo Nepomuceno
Secretary of Public Works and Communication
(May 28, 1946-1949)
Department of Public Works, Transportation, and Communication Pablo Lorenzo
Secretary of Public Works, Transportation, and Communication
(May 6, 1952-1953)
Department of Social Services and Development Asuncion A. Perez
Executive Office Marciano Roque
Executive Secretary
(February 2, 1952-December 29, 1953)
Teodoro Evangelista
Executive Secretary
(September 14, 1948-May 8, 1951)
Emilio Abello
Executive Secretary
(April 21, 1948-September 16, 1948)
Department of Commerce and Industry Oscar Ledesma
Secretary of Commerce and Industry
(March 10, 1954-1957)
Placido L. Mapa
Secretary of Commerce and Industry
(February 12, 1948)
Cornelio Balmaceda
Secretary of Commerce and Industry
(September 21, 1948-)

  • Executive Orders: 128-664 (total: 537)
  • Administrative Orders: 51-266 (total: 216)
  • Proclamations: 61-480 (total: 420)

  • Population: 19.23 million (1948)
  • Gross Domestic Product: P99,628 million (1948)
  • Gross Domestic Product: P146,070 million (1953)
  • GDP Growth Rate: 9.43% (1948-1953 average)
  • Income Per Capita: P5,180 (1948)
  • Income Per Capita: P7,596 (1953)
  • Total Exports: P35,821 million (1948)
  • Total Exports: P34,432 million (1953)

Source: National Statistical Coordination Board, National Accounts of the Philippines, National Statistics Office, Philippine Statistical Yearbook

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  • Republic Acts:

These infographics were published as part of the Philippine Electoral Almanac, a compendium and handy resource of Philippine national elections from 1935 onwards, by the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office.

1949 Presidential Elections

The Presidential election of 1949 was contested by incumbent President Elpidio Quirino, former Senate President Jose Avelino, and former President Jose P. Laurel. Quirino had assumed the Presidency following the unexpected death of President Roxas on April 15, 1948 and sought re-election as standard bearer of the Liberal Party. Avelino, a powerful and founding member of the LP, challenged Quirino which led to a split in the Liberal ranks. Quirino won with Laurel finishing second and Avelino a distant third. After the elections, both factions of the Liberal Party reunited for the stability of government.

1949 Vice Presidential Elections

1949 Legislative Elections

1951 Legislative Elections
The senatorial elections that fell halfway through the term President Elpidio Quirino resulted in a sweep by the opposition Nacionalista Party. Led by former President Jose P. Laurel, Quirino’s adversary in the 1949 presidential elections, the Nacionalista slate won all eight Senate seats being contested.

1953 Presidential Elections

President Quirino faced his erstwhile Secretary of Defense Ramon Magsaysay who had joined the opposition Nacionalista Party in March 1953. The result was an overwhelming victory for the popular Magsaysay and the return of the Nacionalistas to power.

1953 Vice Presidential Elections

1953 Legislative Elections