Ramon Magsaysay
December 30, 1953-March 17, 1957


National Coat of Arms

Presidential Seal


Country Data
Election Results

    Era Seventh President of the Philippines
    Third President of the Third Republic
    Constitution Amended 1935 Constitution
    Predecessor Elpidio Quirino
    Successor Carlos P. Garcia
    Inauguration December 30, 1953, Independence Grandstand, Manila (aged 46)
    Capital Quezon City
    Vice-President Carlos P. Garcia (December 30, 1953-March 17, 1957)
    Chief Justice Ricardo M. Paras (April 2, 1951-February 17, 1961)
    Senate President Eulogio Rodriguez (January 25, 1954-December 30, 1957)
    Speaker of the House Jose B. Laurel Jr. (January 25, 1954-December 30, 1957)

    Previous Positions

    Executive Cabinet: Secretary of National Defense (December 14, 1950-February 28, 1953)
    Legislative Lower House: Representative, Lone District of Zambales (1946-1950)
    Judicial None
    Others Military: Captain, Philippine Army

    Personal Details

    Born August 31, 1907
    Iba, Zambales
    Died March 17, 1957
    Mount Manunggal, Asturias, Cebu
    Resting Place Manila North Cemetery, Manila
    Political Parties Liberal Party (1946-1953)
    Nacionalista Party (1953-1957)
    Parents Exequiel Magsaysay
    Perfecta del Fierro
    Spouse Luz Banzon
    Children Teresita Magsaysay Vargas
    Milagros Magsaysay Valenzuela
    Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr.
    Alma Mater Bachelor of Arts in Commerce, Jose Rizal College (1932)
    Occupation Mechanic
    Bus Shop Superintendent
    Bus Line Branch Manager

    Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources Juan de G. Rodriguez
    Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources
    (April 12, 1956-August 1960)
    Salvador Araneta
    Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources
    (March 10, 1954-1955)
    Department of Education Gregorio Hernandez Jr.
    Secretary of Education
    (July 1, 1954-March 28, 1957)
    Pastor Endencia
    Secretary of Education
    (January 13, 1954-June 30, 1954)
    Cecilio Putong
    Secretary of Education
    (April 18, 1952-January 13, 1954)
    Department of Finance Jaime Hernandez
    Secretary of Finance
    (March 10, 1954-May 27, 1956)
    Department of Foreign Affairs Carlos P. Garcia
    Secretary of Foreign Affairs
    (March 10, 1954-August 1957)
    Department of Health Paulino J. Garcia
    Secretary of Health
    (March 10, 1954-March 17, 1957)
    Presidential Arm on Community Development Ramon Binamira
    (January 1956-1961)
    Department of Justice Pedro T. Tuazon
    Secretary of Justice
    (March 10, 1954-March 1958)
    Department of Labor Angel Castano
    Secretary of Labor
    (August 22, 1957)
    Eleuterio Adevoso
    Secretary of Labor
    (April 21, 1954)
    Department of National Defense Eulogio B. Balao
    Secretary of National Defense
    (January 3, 1956-March 17, 1957)
    Sotero B. Cabahug
    Secretary of National Defense
    (April 4, 1954-January 2, 1956)
    Ramon Magsaysay
    Concurrent capacity as President
    (January 1-May 14, 1954)
    Department of Public Works, Transportation, and Communication Florencio Moreno
    Secretary of Public Works, Transportation, and Communication
    (April 30, 1955-1957)
    Vicente Y. Orosa
    Secretary of Public Works, Transportation, and Communication
    Department of Commerce and Industry Oscar Ledesma
    Secretary of Commerce and Industry
    (March 10, 1954-1957)
    Executive Office Fortunato De Leon
    Executive Secretary
    (April 12, 1956-March 7, 1957)
    Fred Ruiz Castro
    Executive Secretary
    (December 30, 1953-October 26, 1955)
    • Executive Orders: 1-243 (total: 243)
    • Administrative Orders: 1-234 (total: 234)
    • Proclamations: 1-395 (total: 395)
    • Population: 21.4 million (1954)
    • Gross Domestic Product: P157,054 million (1954)
    • Gross Domestic Product: P179,739 million (1956)
    • GDP Growth Rate: 7.13% (1954-1956 average)
    • Income Per Capita: P7,339 (1954)
    • Income Per Capita: P8,073 (1956)
    • Total Exports: P36,462 million (1954)
    • Total Exports: P34,727 million (1956)
    • Unemployment Rate: 11.2% (1956)

    Source: National Statistical Coordination Board, National Accounts of the Philippines, National Statistics Office, Philippine Statistical Yearbook

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    • Republic Acts: 972-2047 (total: 1076)
  • These infographics were published as part of the Philippine Electoral Almanac, a compendium and handy resource of Philippine national elections from 1935 onwards, by the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office.

    1953 Presidential Elections

    President Quirino faced his erstwhile Secretary of Defense Ramon Magsaysay who had joined the opposition Nacionalista Party in March 1953. The result was an overwhelming victory for the popular Magsaysay and the return of the Nacionalistas to power.

    1953 Vice Presidential Elections

    1953 Legislative Elections

    1955 Legislative Elections